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At the recent Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, California, more than 10,000 products were represented. That’s why at Pines we are honored to be named a winner by Taste for Life Magazine for a Taste for Life Essentials Award.

Pines Wheat Grass is the original wheatgrass and was introduced to Natural Food Stores in 1977. It is the only wheatgrass to be grown in glacial soils with natural rainfall and harvested at the special time once each year when the father of wheatgrass, Dr. Charles Schnabel, and other scientists found the plant to have the highest nutritional value. Pines International is also the only green superfood company that does everything from seed to shelf. In fact, one of the glacial fields used by both Dr. Schnabel and Pines is less than 100 yards from where Pines Wheat Grass is bottled.

Pines also follows Dr. Schnabel’s packaging standards that he established in 1937 by using amber glass bottles with special metal caps that allow removal of the oxygen from the bottle to prevent outside air and humidity from devitalizing the contents. Plastic containers and paper/plastic/foil packets do not protect green superfood nutrients, and because of oxidation, the contents from these kinds of packaging are often a very dull green, if not gray or brown, instead of the vibrant green of Pines Wheat Grass.

In their selection of Pines Wheat Grass for a 2014 Taste for Life Essentials Award, Taste For Life Magazine stated that PINES Wheat Grass is a raw, gluten-free, dark-green superfood that is certified organic, non-GMO Project Verified and certified Kosher.

Comparison of True Wheat Grass powder with Flag Grass Powders for website

The photograph above shows the difference in color between Pines Wheat Grass

and the other popular products sold in plastic tubs and paper/foil/plastic packets.