wheat field with bottles2

1976. America celebrated its bicentennial, Jimmy Carter brought home-spun charm to the Oval Office, and we were inspired by Rocky. In Kansas, Bob Dole was re-elected to the Senate, the Kansas City Royals lost a playoff heartbreaker to the Yankees bottom of the 9th inning, and out in Hays, Kansas, a new force in natural nutrition was taking root.

That’s right, for Ron Seibold and Steve Malone, 1976 was the year they decided to grow wheatgrass the way nature intended. So they founded Pines International, the first green foods company in the United States. They realized that this simple food had the potential to provide balanced nutrition for millions of people. Profits they hoped to earn would provide the seed money to purchase land in danger of being commercially developed, and to establish organic farming communities and wildlife refuges that would treat the land in a sustainable manner. Ron and Steve saw this as an opportunity to pursue their dream of building a business while staying connected to the land they grew up on, and work with some of their neighbors develop a sustainable community.

In the years since 1976, Pines has grown from a two- person business operating out of a van to an international company shipping cereal grass and other green foods to over 25 countries and thousands of stores around the United States. While advances have been made in harvesting, packaging and production, the basic product remains the same as it’s been for four decades. Pines follows an 80-year tradition established by the food scientists who provided the research data for Ann Wigmore and other authors. Using the same soil and the same methods taught by the scientists, Pines provides convenient, powerfully nutritious, organically grown foods that thousands of people use every day because it makes them feel better, plain and simple.

Why our being the first green superfood company matter to you? Because it means that, like the products we grow and package, our roots are strong and healthy, and our belief — that there will always be a market for the finest nutrient-rich cereal grasses that Mother Nature has to offer — has stood the test of time.

The first PINES Wheat Grass bottle from spring 1977