2016 NPEW
Many stores and companies that supply Pines’ green superfoods attend the Natural Products Expo West at the Anaheim Convention Center each year in March.  Pines was a part of the natural products marketplace for five years before the first NPEW event in 1981.


It was 40 years ago that Pines introduced Pines Wheat Grass as the first green superfood sold in natural food stores. Since then, dozens of companies have followed our lead. All have copied our message of using the natural nutritional concentration of green superfoods to increase the protective benefit of more chlorophyll-rich vegetables in the diet. Unfortunately some have not copied our standards and are not harvesting at the peak nutritional level. Some also package their green foods in plastic containers, which allow the delicate and sensitive nutrients to be devitalized by oxidation.


Only Pines follows the standards established by Charles Schnabel, the father of wheatgrass, in 1937, including packaging in amber glass bottles with special metal caps that allow Pines to remove the oxygen from each bottle to protect against oxidation. The tight-fitting seals in the metal caps also allow the consumer to tightly seal the bottle after each use to keep the product fresh after opening.


Those who stop by our booth at the Natural Products Expo West not only are able to meet many of the people who grow and produce Pines’ green superfoods, but they can also meet the Green Duo Superheroes, Wheatgrass Willie and Alfalfa Allie, and taste one of our smoothie recipes!