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Dogs and cats need their greens too.  This is why they instinctively munch on grass when outside.

For nearly 40 years, Pines International has promoted eating more greens for humans, but the company has also said that leafy greens are an important component of a pet’s diet.  This is particularly important because many dry and wet pet foods do not include green vegetable nutrition. In addition, pet foods are often stripped of important nutritional components as a result of processing and exposure to high temperatures.

This is why the company recommends blending its wheat grass powder into animal food for added nutritional support. Wheat Grass is rich in chlorophyll, which helps maintain the healthy blood and tissue formation, and provides folic acid, vitamin K and other nutrients. Beta-carotene in wheat grass offers antioxidant support, while vitamin C and calcium support the health of bones, teeth and gums. PINES Wheat Grass is also a good source of trace minerals and amino acids, which are necessary for muscle development, especially in larger breed and show animals. – See more at: