Green Duo Superheros – The Story of Wheatgrass Willie and Alfalfa Allie

Alfalfa Allie and Wheatgrass Willie are Superheroes known as the Green Duo. They are from an advanced civilization on a planet in another galaxy. They traveled here using quantum teleportation, instantly materializing to the father of wheatgrass, Dr. Charles Schanbel.
Why Dr. Schnabel? Because he spent his lifetime studying wheatgrass and alfalfa. He said the chlorophyll and green food nutrition in vegetables like wheatgrass and alfalfa provided “Green Energy®,” which gives people stamina, endurance and the power to keep their bodies healthy to prevent disease.

Dr. Schnabel Saw a Crisis of
Poison in Our Food Supply

Dr. Schnabel was also very concerned about trends in “modern” farming that were causing toxic chemicals to be in our foods. Not only that, he saw how petrochemicals were being made into plastic containers for packaging these contaminated foods. He could see how these unnatural materials and processes were polluting our environment, damaging our wildlife, and poisoning our soils and water supplies.

Further, he had learned that “unnatural scientists” were planning to develop GMOs which would further increase the amount of poisons in our food. Even more frightening they were developing genetically modified enzymes that would turn GMO corn into “high fructose corn syrup”, an extremely cheap sweetener.

It would only be a matter of time for these GMOs to increase the number of sugary fake foods, and produce a generation of obese and inactive children as well as an increase in diabetes and other degenerative disease. Something HAD to be done!

The Green Duo Superheroes Suddenly Appeared!

It occurred to Dr. Schnabel that the world needed superheroes to prevent an environmental and ecological disaster. At the exact moment, he saw a flash of light in his laboratory. Suddenly two strange-but-adorable creatures materialized.

Before Dr. Schnabel could speak, they introduced themselves as the Green Duo. Alfalfa Allie and Wheatgrass Willie said they had come to our planet to save it from GMO foods, herbicides and pesticides, AND the petrochemical plastic containers that were increasingly being used for packaging.

The Green Duo Generate
Green Energy to Heal

Allie and Willie told him that they have the ability to merge their powers to create a special kind of “Green Energy®” that will heal the minds of food chemical company executives, politicians, government regulators and others that would soon be pursuing a path of destruction for such an amazing planet.

Dr. Schnabel could hear their thoughts, “All we need is enough earth-loving humans powered by Green Energy® and we can heal the planet.”

Sadly, Dr. Schnabel is no longer with us, but Wheatgass Willie and Alfalfa Allie are partnering with children of all ages to eliminate GMOs and the poisons used to grow food that is not certified organic.

The Green Duo are also working with earth-loving allies to prevent further plastic pollution. They’re spreading the news of how we can to create the power of Green Energy® to clean up and nurture the planet just as the Green Energy® of wheatgrass and alfalfa, when grown outdoors through the winter and harvested at the correct time, cleans up and nurtures our bodies.

Two Most Nutrient-Dense Leafy Green Vegetables on Earth

When we combine the forces of these two dark green leafy vegetable Green Duo superheroes in our body, they help us to detoxify, alkalize, and energize by providing just the right balance of the right kind of food, including prebiotic fiber, that people of all ages need for healthy, happy, active and vibrant lives.

In addition to what these superheroes of nutrition are doing for our health, the Green Duo are combining their superpowers to help create a new generation of environmentally-conscious, healthy young people who will change farming practices and help people everywhere return to wholesome, nutritious foods packaged in earth-friendly containers without all the dangerous chemical poisons. When the Green Duo combine their superpowers, anything is possible!