Endurance Athletes Depend On Pines

Successful elite athletes tell us they rely on Pines green superfoods for athletic endurance, stamina and recovery. From World Champion Spartan athletes to top-rated weightlifters, personal trainers, boxers, marathon runners and triathletes, these individuals attest to the growing body evidence that eating a diet packed with whole, minimally processed foods such as fruits and vegetables, and other superfoods such as Pines WheatGrass, Barley Grass or Beet Juice Powder, are an essential part of their training and winning at the highest levels.

Over the years, these athletes have included Kona Ironman World Champion, Greg Welch, and other triathletes such as Clark Campbell and Janine Daily. In addition, veteran athletes, including Bill Bell and Gypsy Boots, have promoted the use of Pines Wheat Grass as an essential part of their training program and as a source of blood building nutrients that provide the kind of stamina and endurance necessary to win races. Pines has sponsored many athletic events including the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.


Joe Kauder, Ultra Marathoner & Spartan Racer

Pines sponsors many elite athletes, including  Joe Kauder, who recently finished his first 100-mile ultra marathon at the Mines of Spain 100 in Dubuque, Iowa. Out of 60 only 35 finished, and Kauder placed 13th, taking him over 28 hours. (There was a 33 hour time limit.)

Kauder is also an experienced Obstacle Course Racer, having competed in numerous Spartan races in Indiana, West Virginia and Vermont.

Kauder has also competed in other obstacle course races, such as this Savage Race last year. “There's so much to pick from and I'm always looking for different ways to challenge myself,” he says.



Hobie Call, Four-Time Spartan Race World Champion

Hobie Call is a four-time Spartan race World Champion. Call credits Pines for its “exceptional WheatGrass.” "The health required to continually win races as brutal as these is great. I contribute mine more to your products than anything else I eat. I have used your WheatGrass for many years, and intend to continue for many more." Call has used Pines during all his entire racing career. He has won more than 50 races, reigning as the world champion in 2016, 2014, 2013 and 2011. During his career as a Spartan athlete, Hobie won more than 80% of his races.


Weightlifter Sam Zehnder

Sam Zehnder from Wisconsin is Level 1 Certified, USA Weightlifting. He says  Pines WheatGrass products are “excellent additions to my supplements shelf! You can’t forget the micronutrients when trying to get strong!”

Zehnder recently took second in his class in the BrewCity CrossFit in Milwaukee, which  hosted the Brew City Open weightlifting competition. He performed two required lifts: The snatch, lifting 110 kilos, or 242 pounds and the clean and jerk, lifting 135 kilos, or 297 pounds.

Pines is also a proud sponsor of Surprise, Ariz.,- based Keith Boxing Club. Coach Keith is a  Licensed USA Boxing Coach and Licensed Pro Boxing Trainer. (@KeithBoxingClub on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.)

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers are also big fans of Pines products. Tommy Lessing, athlete and owner of Adamantine Athletics, LLC, a fitness program based in Greenville, S.C. tells us he’ll be a “lifelong customer.”

“I spread the love about Pines to everyone I know,” he says.  “Your products really change the way people feel and look for the better.”

Pines’ mission dovetails nicely with the mission of Adamantine, which Lessing tells us is  Latin for “unbreakable.” “Our slogan is built to build. I created training programs that help people develop physical, mental and life skills.”

Other personal trainers who fans of Pines include, Jesse VC Levan (@GPFIT84 on Instagram) a Savannah-Ga.-based workout coach who runs outdoor and guerilla fitness programs, as well as Atlanta-based Licensed Elijah Punter,  a licensed MMA Strength Conditioning Trainer, certified in Boxing, MuayThai (Thai boxing) and Kickboxing. Punter is also Creator and Trainer of Stripper Body Workout, which he calls a patented workout used by models, dancers and daily professionals. (Instagram pages @fightfitnessllc and @trainer_stripperbody) He enjoys sharing the benefits of Pines products with his clients.  “Pines International Products are the simple, go-to for micronutrient products and wellness based,” he says. “And by far, some of the best wellness-based products on the market.”

Dozens of Other Champion Athletes Depended on Pines

Some top performance athletes actually work for the company itself. Jason is the manager of the bottling department at Pines. Jason has run in more than a dozen marathons including the Pikes Peak Marathon. That was a grueling two-day event. Jason ran up Pikes Peak two days straight and also ran down on the second day. He has also run in numerous marathons in Kansas and elsewhere and logged several thousand miles in training. 

Grown and harvested as we do, Pines Wheat Grass provides the the nutrition of dark-green veggies but in more concentration. As a result of the CDC studies, the USDA developed MyPlate. It shows that green vegetables should be our most important food.

Pines Wheat Grass is an easy way to increase your green nutrition. It costs much less per serving than equivalent veggies. A rounded teaspoon of powder in a smoothie contains the nutrition of a full serving of a veggies. Seven tablets also contain the nutrition of a serving of veggies such as kale or spinach. Because of our growing, harvesting and bottling standards, no other wheatgrass product is as nutrient dense as Pines. Pines Wheat Grass is a whole food. It is not a juice. Unlike juice Pines Wheat Grass is prebiotic and promotes probiotic bacteria to ensure colon health and full assimilation of nutrients.

Find Pines Products

The USDA says that 9 out of 10 people do not eat enough veggies.  Pines offer servings that are easy to consume and that cost considerably less per serving than other greens.  You can find Pines' green superfoods at a store near you with our locator.  You can also use our online shopping cart.