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We wish to thank New Hope and the Natural Foods Merchandiser for responding to our criticism about promoting plastic over glass and for correctly stating that Pines is the pioneer of green superfoods.

New Hope had this to say about Pines in their article that featured five other products packaged in glass:
“The pioneer of the greens category, Pines has been in business coming up on 40 years. While wheat grass is its staple ingredient—grown since day one on mineral-rich, glacial organic soil in the Midwest—its top seller is Mighty Greens. Unlike the kitchen sink approach of other greens purveyors, this one simplifies it to organic wheatgrass and alfalfa, along with hemp and stevia. And that’s it! “Keep it simple, keep it clean, keep it green,” says company co-founder Ron Seibold.
“Unlike wheat grass grown in shallow trays in smoothie shops, Pines grows it right—growing deep roots over the winter, then harvesting during the jointing stage, when it’s at peak nutrient density and half the height of commodity wheat grass. That’s because Pines has done the research.
“Of note, the company also keeps its organic greens in dark amber glass bottles, not plastic. This maintains the nutritional quality of the greens inside and, bonus, deals with the plastic trash problem in the world.”
Pines not only uses glass but also special metal caps to remove oxygen from each bottle. That prevents loss of nutrition that occurs when green superfoods are packaged in plastic. Many natural food stores banned plastic bags, but those represented less than 1% of the plastic leaving the stores. The marketplace is awash in plastic containers, which kill wildlife and slowly erode toxic petrochemicals in oceans and landfills.Recycling is good, but most people do not recycle. When we support companies that package in plastic, we encourage more plastic pollution.