Have you noticed that most alfalfa products are not verified by the NonGMOProject?  As the company that introduced the original green superfood in 1976, it is no coincidence that Pines International is the first company to introduced the World’s first NonGMOProject Verified alfalfa leaf.

Leaders in Both Organic Farming and Opposition to GMOs

From the beginning, Pines worked to establish national organic standards.  Pines provided assistance and leadership to organizations dedicated to environmental sustainability. After farmers stated growing GMO crops, Pines actively educated consumers about the dangers of increased herbicide and pesticide residue in our food.

During the past decade, Pines organic farm families and others spoke out against allowing GMO alfalfa to be grown. Despite our objection, the government now allows genetically modified alfalfa leaf. Chemical companies modified the DNA of a variety of alfalfa to tolerate direct spray of Round Up herbicide.

Even Organic Alfalfa May not Pass NonGMOProject Testing

During the past 60 years, most dehydrated alfalfa was fed to confined animals as a part of the meat industry.  During most of those years, growers used pesticides to kill bugs.  Now, thanks to a genetic modification, they can also use a herbicide to kill weeds.

Because the pollen for alfalfa can travel long distances, alfalfa grown organically can be contaminated with GMO genes from GMO farms.  Finding GMO free organic seed to pass NonGMOProject genetic testing was very difficult. After more than a year, we found alfalfa seed that produced plants that passed the Project’s tests.

Crop Rotation is the Organic Method to Control Weeds

For traditional alfalfa, weeds usually are not an issue for several years. Over time, weeds can start invading fields.  That is not a problem for Pines.  We don’t need to keep our fields in alfalfa for long periods. That’s because as organic farmers we rotate crops.

On the other hand, for animal feed companies, the new GMO alfalfa has increased profits. Their alfalfa fields can be kept in production longer.  Before, if they sprayed weed killer it would also kill the alfalfa. Weeds invaded their alfalfa fields after a couple of years.  Now, with a genetic modification that make GMO alfalfa immune to the poison, they can control weeds. That allows them to keep the fields in production for many more years.

These animal feed operations have always been able to control bugs. For more than 60 years, they have controlled damage caused by insects by using Malathion pesticide.  Now, they can also control weeds.

Pines is the only vegan-friendly wheatgrass and alfalfa grower in Kansas that has never been associated with factory farming or the meat industry. Pines’ does not use Round Up or Malathion. We use natural methods.  We genetically test our seeds and plants to ensure that no GMO genes in their DNA.

For Others “Organic” is a “Sideline” of Factory Farming

Some of alfalfa producers who use these chemicals for their animal feed also grow organic alfalfa and wheatgrass for the natural food industry. For a few weeks in the spring before their start their animal feed business, producing “organic” products for the natural food market is a profitable “sideline.”

Even though they have fields that are technically organic, fields used for animal feed are usually next to the organic fields. The “organic” alfalfa is easily contaminated, not just with GMO pollen but with Malathion drift from airplanes used to spray nearby fields for bugs.

The reality is that “dual farming” leads to contamination.  That is why Pines has lobbied for years to change organic standards. We believe producers of organic food should not be allowed to also produce non-organic foods.

Pines is Not Associated with Factory Farming

Pines family farmers are 100% organic.   Organic farming is not a sideline for them.  It’s a way of life! The only products we produce are both certified organic and NonGMOProject Verified.

Eat More Greens

Since we introduced Pines Wheat Grass in 1976, our message has been to “eat more greens.”  That’s because most people do not eat enough dark green vegetables.  Pines specializes in convenient and economical ways to help you and your family increase your dark green vegetable nutrition.

Our NonGMOProject Verified alfalfa is a nutrient-dense, leafy-green vegetable.  We provide Pines Alfalfa in both tablets and powder.  Another product, Green Duo, is a 50/50 blend of alfalfa and wheat grass.  Green Duo is available in both capsules and powder.

A tasty product that kids love is Mighty Greens, a simple-but-effective blend of alfalfa and wheatgrass. It has only two additional ingredients.  We add hemp protein and stevia for more plant-based protein and flavor. For a list of stores, please click the store locator on this website.

Pines Follows Standards Based on Scientific Research

Pines is the only wheatgrass and alfalfa producer to follow the scientific standards developed in the 1930s by team of scientists led by Charles F. Schnabel.  Their body of research into the best way to grow, harvest and package them was followed by extensive medical research by doctors and hospitals. Authors Ann Wigmore, Viktoras Kulvinskas and Steve Meyerowitz praised that research. Meyerowitz dedicated his wheatgrass book to Schnabel and called him “the father of wheatgrass.”

Their standards showed how to grow alfalfa, wheatgrass and other cereal grass for maximum nutrition. They also regard harvesting and packaging.  We package our products in amber glass bottles with special metal caps. As a result, we can remove the oxygen. That prevents the loss of nutrition and color that occurs when green superfoods are packaged in plastic tubs or paper packets.