A 65-acre field purchased by PINES International in 2007 came into full compliance for organic certification in 2010 after the mandatory 3-year transitional period. This field is within view of our headquarters in Lawrence, Kansas, and was added to more than 200 acres of certified organic cropland and 1,000 acres of certified organic hay fields, which were certified organic in 1985. In 2011, Pines purchased an additional 100 acres of cropland, which is now in transition to be certified in 2014.

Pines helped write the proposed organic standards for the State of Kansas in 1982. These standards served as one of the models for the National Organic Program. Since Pines began in 1976, we have helped other organic farmers become established and have helped bring several thousand acres of cropland into organic certification. All farmers who grow cereal grass and alfalfa for Pines products are required to be sincere organic farmers and cannot grow any chemical or GMO crops.

This is a stark contrast to other certified organic alfalfa and cereal grass products which are used as ingredients by companies who sell other green superfoods. Farmers for these other companies are chemical farmers who have set aside a small portion of their farmland to be certified organic.  For them, organic is a profitable sideline to their chemical farming agribusiness.  For the 100% organic family farmers at Pines, organic farming is a way of life.