Earthwork, a documentary, has been garnering praise and awards at festivals around the country. The film tells the story of Crop Artist Stan Herd’s work to create the piece, “Countryside,” on land donated by Donald Trump in New York City. Ultimately, Herd was successful in creating a country scape on the vacant lot in Manhattan.

PINES International was one of the sponsors of the work. As part of its mission to promote organic farming and sustainability, PINES donated funds in order to assist Herd in his effort.

“Over the years, we have been very pleased to be associated with Stan and to sponsor his earthwork art.” said Ron Seibold, a co-founder of Pines. “Stan’s crop and earth artworks are not only beautiful to view, but also have a message about the roles that nature and agriculture play in our lives.”

PINES International, Inc. is an organic cereal grass and alfalfa grower based in Lawrence, KS. Founded in 1976, the company’s mission is to promote sustainability, convert conventionally farmed land to organic agriculture, to promote clean rivers, and to work toward famine relief.