Instagram user and health consultant @ckscooking says:

“Shake on the run and a product shout out to @wheatgrass_people for their superior nutrition. Their products makes my day EVERY DAY!

Mighty Greens before workout, wheatgrass and beet juice powder in my shake after!”

CK’s Role as a Consultant for Exercise & Nutrition

CK is a consultant for Pampered Chef®. She uses food and fellowship to make a difference. She helps people make good choices with real food, health, and great kitchen tools! Check out @ckscooking on Instagram and Twitter for more of her recipes. You will also find some of her recipes and many others in the recipe section of this website.

Avoiding Using Superfood Blends

CK teaches sourcing individual ingredients rather than using complex blends. This is especially important for green food ingredients.  Vegetables in superfood blends can be mixed with darkly colored ingredients to hide poor color and quality.

When you select single ingredients rather than blends, you can see, smell, touch and taste each individual ingredient to check for quality.

Plastic is Inappropriate Packaging

We package all Pines’ products in amber glass bottles. Our special metal caps contain tight seals that allow us to remove the oxygen.

This safeguard protects sensitive nutrients from the oxidation and nutrient loss. After opening, the special caps seal the product between uses to keep it fresh and vibrant. Green superfoods lose their nutritional value when packaged in plastic tubs or paper packets.

Nearly all of Pines’ greens consist of ingredients that we grow ourselves. Our packaging and shipping facilities are right across the road from one of our fields!  Pines has been a leader in the sustainable organic and GMO free agriculture for more than 40 years. We are the 100% organic producer of wholefood wheatgrass and alfalfa powder in Kansas. Unlike others, we do not produce both organic and non-organic products. Pines grows and produces only 100% certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified foods. All our products are also Kosher, vegan, raw and gluten free.