Finished Collage

CK’s diet is designed to give her the stamina, endurance and recovery she needs for her aggressive exercise routines. She loves Mighty Greens superfood blend mixed with water to ensure the protective green food nutrients that doctors say we need.

But CK is also very creative with her smoothies and juices. Her variations involve as many nutrient-rich, antioxidant fruits and vegetables as possible. The USDA recommends five or more servings ofper day. CK’s smoothies often contain that many in just one delicious glassful.

She usually increases the vegetables by adding a rounded teaspoon of Pines Wheat Grass powder before pushing the blend button or stirring the juice. This picture shows just a sampling of dozens of recipes she has created.

CK is a consultant for Pampered Chef®. She uses food and fellowship to make a difference with real food, health, and great kitchen tools! Check out @ckscooking on Instagram and Twitter for more of her recipes. You will also find her recipes and many others on the recipe tab on this website.
CK teaches sourcing individual ingredients rather than using complex blends This is especially important for green food ingredients, which can be blended with darkly colored ingredients to hide poor color and quality.

When you select single ingredients rather than blends, you can see, smell, touch and taste each individual ingredient to check for quality.

All Pines products are packaged in amber glass bottles with special metal caps containing tight seals that allow us to remove the oxygen.

This safeguard protects sensitive nutrients from the oxidation and nutrient loss that occurs when green food products are packaged in plastic tubs or paper packets. After opening, the special caps seal the product between uses to keep it fresh and vibrant.

Nearly all Pines products consist of ingredients that we grow ourselves. All products are certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, vegan, raw, Kosher and gluten free.