Peach Smoothie Made with Mighty Greens

Valerie posted this recipe for a Peach Smoothie made with Mighty Greens on her "Eye Chow" Instagram account.  She is a yoga teacher and student who is working on a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science in Honolulu, Hawaii.  She also produces videos about health and fitness on her YouTube channel.

Recipe for Peach Smoothie

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Add Veggies to Your Diet with Powder, Tablets or Capsules

Valerie knows the importance of veggies in her diet. Because she makes sure eats plenty of greens, she is not among the 9 out 10 Americans who don’t eat enough. Yet, she knows the more veggies in her diet the better.  Her peach smoothie with Mighty Greens is one way she ensures plenty of green foods.

Even for people who eat plenty of greens, Pines orignal green super foods are a way to ensure they meet the recommendation of veggies being the most important food in the diet.  As a result, if they can't create a smoothie that includes nutrient-dense green superfoods from Pines, they use the tablets or capsules. They know that dark green vegetables help protect us against degenerative disease.  Pines' original green superfoods make it easy to increase the greens in your diet. Find a store near you on our store locator or order directly via this website.

We all need to eat lots of green vegetables!  Pines can help.  The USDA Food Plate says we should be eating more vegetables than any other kind of food.


Following Standards Established by the Father of Wheatgrass

Pines was the first green super food company. After more than 40 years, we are still the only grower of wheatgrass to follow the standards established by Charles Schnabel, the Father of Wheatgrass, in 1937.   Our green super foods are the only ones grown by 100% organic farmers. Some of our fields  are just across the road from where we bottle and ship.  Our offices are also on the farm.   Our farm crew clocks in with the same time clock as our office personnel.  We have complete control from planting the seed, to harvest, to storage, to bottling and shipping. That’s part of why our products are so vibrant green.  Our use of earth-friendly oxygen free bottles is another.


We follow Schnabel’s growing and harvest standards. We are also the only green super food company to follow his packing standards.  As a result, the  veggies in Pines super foods provide more food value per gram than other products.

Oxygen Removed from Each Bottle to Retain Freshness

We use earth-friendly amber glass bottles with special metal caps that allow us to remove the oxygen. The result is that oxidation does not occur. That’s because removing oxygen prevents oxidation. It causes loss of vegetable nutrition and color that occurs with greens packaged in plastic containers. Plastic is not earth friendly because it is made with petrochemical fossil fuel.

For half a century,  companies packaged green veggie powders in these special oxygen-free amber glass bottles . They saw it as common practice until about 20 years ago.  Then, big companies wanted to jump in the natural products marketplace  with their own green super foods.  They wanted to compete with Pines.   To make big profits most of these start ups packed their greens in cheap plastic containers or packets. Such packaging provides absolutely no protection against nutrition loss.


Companies who sold green powders prior to this current shift to plastic clearly knew it was important to remove the oxygen.  They knew that valuable nutrient quickly lose value without protection from oxidation.

Sometimes a product sits in a hot warehouse and on store shelves for months before you buy and open the bottle.  If a green veggie powder is in a plastic container or a paper packet, it loses more volatile components through oxidation.  Soon, the loss of food value becomes obvious.  The color turns toward brown or grey thanks to poor packaging and poor quality to begin with.  For more than 40 years, Pines has followed the packaging standard of using earth-friendly oxygen-free glass bottles . Surprisingly, even though it cost us more, you pay less per serving than for “greens” in plastic containers and packets.  WhenValerie made her peach smoothie, she could see the vibrant green color of Mighty Greens.

No Irrigation on Our Farms - Natural Rainfall

Pines is also the only whole food wheatgrass and alfalfa grower to not use contaminated ground water for irrigation. Instead, we grow in the appropriate climates for those crops.  Our farms receive plenty of natural rainfall. Thus, we never need irrigation. In addition, we use the only facilities in Kansas built exclusively for Certified Organic. They also produce the only 100% Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, gluten free, raw human food. We have  NEVER used our facilities to produce animal feed for the industrialized meat industry. Because we produce only non-GMO, certified organic human food, we are are uniquely vegan friendly!

no irrigation

Pines has always opposed the destruction of the Oglalla Aquifer in the dry parts of our state.  The other Kansas grower of organic greens caused some of that contamination and depletion. For more than 70 years, that family has also grown pesticide-based alfalfa for confined animals waiting for slaughter.  For more than 70 years they have pumped water for thousands of acres of alfalfa grown during the hot summer months. Most of the water evaporated in the hot sun.  They pumped millions of gallons and wasted most of this once-pristine fresh water source.

In recent years, this same family also grows “organic” greens for the natural foods marketplace using the same contaminated and nearly depleted water. Their products include a green chocolate beverage. They also supply other brands of green chocolate beverage powders with their irrigated greens.  It took tens of thousands of years to accumulate that resource. That family along with other farmers in that dry regions of Kansas have nearly depleted it. They have also contaminated it with poisons growing animal feed and GMO corn for ethanol.

No Dual Farming

Pines opposes these kinds of dual farming practices where a company presents itself as organic while growing most crops with poisons.  Obviously, such an “organic sideline” is not a result of a commitment to organic farming.  Instead, their  interest is in making money off the hard work of 100% organic farmers like Pines.  In our more than 40 years, we have never used poisons from Monsanto and the other chemical companies. Everything we produce is with natural rainfall and natural farming products.  When you use Pines greens in your peach smoothie, you support 100% organic farmers not involved in abusing of the aquifer and the meat industry.

Mix with Recipes or Easy to Use Tablets and Capsules

Please check out the many smoothie and other recipes on our site.  We hope you try them or use them as inspiration for your own smoothie recipe.  Please visit our store locator or order online.  Although Valerie used Mighty Greens in her peach smoothie, you can use any of Pines green superfoods in it or any other smoothie.

delicious Delicious Living picked Pines as the winner of the 2017 Delicious Living Supplement Award for the highest quality, purity, efficacy & innovation of any super food.

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