Danielle Lin's Power Bars with Pines Wheat Grass

Danielle Lin is a radio personality. For more than 30 years, people in 117 countries have tuned in to listen to The DanielleLin Show. She uses common sense, experience, inspiration, and wisdom to bring her listeners life-changing information. Her guests are some of the brightest minds in the world.

She is a wise friend with change makers and innovators as well as her listeners. She connects everyone to the best of what’s available. Danielle keeps tabs on trends. As a result, her listeners hear about them first. She can be counted on to help people find better and more sustainable ways to make a difference and live well.

Danielle supports ideas for eating more greens

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Danielle believes in the importance of eating plenty of dark green, leafy vegetables. She is deeply aware that most people in do not eat enough of them for protection against disease. As a friend and fan of Pines for more than 30 years, here is one of her recipe ideas using Pines Wheat Grass:

  • 3 tbsp     Pines Organic Wheat Grass Powder
  • 1/2  C     "Hemp Hearts" (shelled hemp seed)
  • 5              Fresh soft dates (chopped fine)
  • 5 tsps      Creamy organic almond butter
  • 4 tbsp      Chia seeds - Soak in 1/4 cup of coconut water
  • 3 tbsp      Light agave (or sweeten to taste)
  • 1/4 C       Coarse ground unsweetened organic coconut

Mix hemp hearts, Pines Wheat Grass, dates, almond butter, light agave and coconut. Mix with a heavy spoon by hand and keep turning until all ingredients are combined. Use about 1/4 cup of coconut water for moisture but do not get mixture too wet.  Everything needs to stick together. Once you have a sticky consistency, you can make round balls and roll them in coconut or hemp hearts. Or flatten on a large dish with spatula to about 1 inch thick.  Use knife to cut into rectangles.  Roll with coconut or hemp hearts.  Place in the refrigerator or freezer to harden.

Danielle also adds Pines' green superfoods to smoothies

You will find many recipe ideas on our website. They all use Pines' superfood vegetable powders.  Many are for smoothies. Although we provide juice products, we understand the new recognition that whole food smoothies are better than juices. That's because whole foods with fiber are prebiotic. Whole foods support probiotic bacteria, the friendly bacteria we need for proper digestion. As a result, nearly all Pines' products, such as Piines Wheat Grass, are whole foods, not juices.

Single ingredients allow you to examine each ingredient

Unlike many green superfood products that are mixtures of a dozen or more ingredients, Pines keeps its green products simple, usually with only one ingredient.  When you prepare foods, it is important to use single ingredients. That way you can examine the quality of each ingredient for color, aroma and flavor.  Complex blends do not allow you do do that.

WCEF For more than 40 years PINES' WCEF priority has been environmental sustainability & preventing hunger. Our record of contributions shows our commitment.

All Pines' products are Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free and Kosher. They are available at leading natural food stores or direct through our shopping cart.

For over 40 years, Pines continues to be 100% organic 

Pines was established in 1976 by more than 100 small investors who saw the company as a means to convert more farmland to certified organic and to support sustainable development. Further, they wanted to see the company support environmental causes and feeding programs. The stockholders invested an average of $200 each. Rather than expecting a big return on their investment, they supported the project because they believed in the ideals. They chose the Pine tree as the logo because it is an internationally-recognized symbol of the peace found in nature.

WCEF For more than 40 years PINES' WCEF priority has been environmental sustainability & preventing hunger. Our record of contributions shows our commitment.

We are 100% organic and the only Kansas wheatgrass and alfalfa producer never to be a part of the confined animal meat industry.  In addition, we are also the only greens producer for the natural product marketplace from Kansas to grow our cereal grasses and alfalfa in appropriate areas that do not require irrigation.  As a result, we do not use the contaminated and nearly depleted ground water from the Ogallala Aquifer. Furthermore, for 40 years, we have opposed agribusiness that abuses, wastes and contaminates this once-pristine fresh water resource in support of the meat and ethanol industries.

Pines is the only green food producer whose bottling and shipping facility is located right next to some of the fields where our organic wheatgrass is grown. We do it all from planting the seed to bottling the finished product.

We follow the standards of the father of wheatgrass

All Pines products are Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, gluten-free and raw. We follow the standards for the medical research that inspired Ann Wigmore, Steve Meyerowitz and other authors.

Charles Schnabel established those standards in 1937. The late Steve Meyerowits called him "the father of wheatgrass" in the dedication of his popular book, "Wheatgrass: Nature's Finest Medicine." Schnabel led the scientific team that produced the research praised by him and Ann Wignore. Because of that research, she recommended the use of wheatgrass in the diet. Schnabel produced his famous whole food wheatgrass powder in the same location still used by Pines. We still operate one of his laboratories and use many of the same fields.

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Pines also follows Schnabel's packaging standards. We use amber glass bottles with special metal caps that allow us to remove the oxygen from each bottle.

oxygen Oxygen causes green superfoods in plastic bottles & packets to lose their nutritional value even before you purchase them. Only Pines packages correctly.

Because of this safeguard, our products do not oxidize and lose potency. We do not cut costs by packaging our green superfoods in plastic tubs or packets. That kind of packaging allows sensitive green nutrients to deteriorate and turn from brilliant green to a brown, grey or yellow color.

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Our standards and sincere commitment to organic farming are why Danielle supports Pines' green superfoods as the best choice for increasing the dark green, leafy vegetables in your diet.

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