Avoiding GMO and Other Foods with Poison Residue

Nearly all foods today contain traces of poison when they use GMO ingredients. Thus, avoiding GMO foods is good for your health. Research shows that farm poisons in our food may lead to cancer and other disease.

The tractor in the picture above is planting Pines Wheat Grass. In more than 40 years of farming, Pines has never used chemical poisons on any of our fields.  We are also the only grower of greens to follow the standards of Charles Schnabel, "the father of wheatgrass."  He was a scientist who spent his life finding the best way to grow, harvest and package wheatgrass and other cereal grasses. Dr. Schnabel never used poisons and neither has Pines.

To reduce toxins already in our bodies, Pines' organic green super foods can help. That's because other research shows that whole food green veggies (not juices) are prebiotic and help protect us against the diet-related disease of modern man. Our nutrient-dense whole food green powders, tablets and capsules are easy-to-use, low-cost ways to increase the whole food veggies in your diet. Search for stores in your area that carry Pines on our store finder or order online.
  It's easy to add a scoop of quality green superfood powder from Pines to a smoothier or juice for additional green nutrtion.
Add a scoop of green super food powder from Pines to a smoothie or juice for more greens in your diet.   Add water to a Pines Wheat Grass tablet, and it instantly turns dark green. In about ten minutes the tablet swells to 12 times its original size. Imagine the amount of finely chopped green vegetable nutrition with seven tablets! That's more nutrition than you would receive from a large spinach salad. Pines Wheat Grass provides essential vegetable fiber making it prebiotic and the perfect media for healthy probiotic bacteria to aid in digestion and assimilation of your food.

Add water to a Pines Wheat Grass tablet. It instantly turns dark green. In about ten minutes, the tablet swells to 12 times its size. Imagine the amount of finely chopped green veggies in a seven-tablet serving! That's equivalent to the green food nutrition from a large spinach salad. Veggie fiber in whole food greens makes them prebiotic. That why our leafy greens are the perfect media for healthy probiotic bacteria that aid in digestion of food. 

Pines' Green Super Foods Help Meet Diet Goals

Add Pines' green super food powders to recipes to achieve the USDA goal of seven to nine daily servings of fruits and veggies. When grown using Dr. Schnabel's standards, wheatgrass and alfalfa represent two of nature's most nutrient-dense vegetables. A rounded teaspoon of our greens equals a large serving of spinach or kale at less cost. Besides powder, seven tablets or six capsules also provide a green veggie serving.
Started in 1976, Pines introduced the first green super food in the modern natural food market. For more than 40 years, our greens have offered the most nutrient-dense and lowest-cost greens. Delicious Living Magazine recognized Pines as the Supplement Award winner.
Delicious Living chose Pines as the Supplement Award Winner for the best super food."  Please use our finder for a store near you or order online.

Pines is Unique as a 100% Organic Grower

During the 1980s, Pines worked with other farmers to establish the National Organic Program. The NOP began in 1990 and is a consensus of farmers and consumers for organic standards. GMO corporations are now trying infiltrate the NOP and lower standards, but sincere organic farmers are fighting back. National standards are very important. Organic inspectors, who visit our farms, are very thorough. They share our passion for sustainable farming. Pines has farmed 100% organically for more than 40 years.
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Avoiding GMO Requires Reading the Labels

To avoid GMO foods, consumers need to read the labels. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is now often called "fructose" or "fructose syrup".   No matter what it is called, it is a GMO ingredient made from GMO corn. Further, any other kind of corn or soy product not labeled organic is likely GMO and contains poison residue. The toxic herbicide Round Up is even in some non-GMO products such as cane sugar and wheat grain.  That's because farmers often spray those crops with the poison just before harvest to kill them and make them dry faster.

We suggest making contact with brands that use GMO ingredients. Let them know that you don't want poison in your food. Ask them to select wholesome organic ingredients.  If you choose to boycott food with GMOs, be sure to also include palm oil on your boycott list. Palm oil producers heavily spray their crops with toxic poisons. Worse, palm oil comes from the destroyed rain forest habitat of orangutans and other endangered species.  For the sake of your health and the sake of the planet, avoid all foods that contains poison residue.  It is important to choose products with the USDA Organic Logo.

Avoiding GMO Results in Less Poisons in Your Body

More people now know the danger of the poison residue in GMO foods, and the knowledge is widespread. Some mainline supermarket labels now state, "No HFCS" and/or "No Palm Oil." That is encouraging, but can be mislaeading. Now, that GMO purveyors can call HFCS, "fructose," some of the big food companies say "No HFCS" when all that has changed is the name used for the same GMO ingredient.

Certified Organic is the least toxic choice. With the use of GMO plants that are tolerant of poison, non-organic foods contain high levels of poison residue compared to only a few decades ago. On the other hand, products that have the USDA Organic logo are subject to thorough and regular inspections to ensure poisons are not used. If the USDA logo is on the label, third party inspectors verified that the producer followed NOP standards.  The best way of avoiding GMO and poison residue is to purchase only Certified Organic foods.

Avoiding GMO by Supporting Products from Farmers Who are 100% Organic

Corporations that own some organic brands are the opposite of organic. Coke, Pepsi and other big outfits that produce GMO beverages and GMO foods now also own organic brands as a sideline. Smart consumers should research organic brands and identify those owned by a GMO corporations. Unless all elements of a company are 100% organic, they are not sincere. For them, "organically-grown" is just another way to make money. They only reason they sell organic brands is as a way to increase profits. Thus, avoiding GMO should also mean avoiding companies that have both GMO brands and certified organic brands.  This chart shows the connections of many "organic" brands with the big corporations that now own them.

Organic Greens Grown in Proper Regions

Clearly, GMO corporations now own many "organic" brands.  Even so, the natural foods market still consists of a some sincere 100% organic farmers like Pines. Sadly, the market is seeing more "organic" brands owned by poison-based agribusiness every year. There are other ways the consumer is being fooled. For example, many super food powders contain ingredients from quasi-organic, animal-feed operations and are owned by GMO farmers.  In fact, animal feed dryers produce most of the cereal grass and alfalfa ingredients in popular super food powders.  Some of these "alfalfa mills" began 70 years ago to produce pesticide-based animal feed for the meat industry. The animal feed dryer in top picture below produces certified organic green super foods in Kansas.  They claim it is a "family farm."  The picture below it has never produced pesticide-based feed for the mean industry.  It produces on certified organic human food from 100% organic farmers.  Pines built that computer-controlled, state-of the-art dryer in 2012. Pines does not use its equipment for anything other than pure, certified-organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, vegan-friendly human food. At top is one of two dehydrators owned by the Kansas family that produces dozens of products and falsely claims to be "the original green. superfood." Below is one of Pines' modern food grade dehydrators used exclusively for organic, gmo-free human food grade cereal grasses and alfalfa.

Avoid Foods Grown Using Irrigation Rather than Natural Rainfall

Poison-based farmers often grow GMO crops in regions that do not receive enough rain. As a result, they use irrigation water from aquifers.  In dry areas of Kansas, the aquifer water is used to grows mostly GMO animal feed and GMO corn for ethanol.  These farming methods have depleted this once-plentiful, once-pristine fresh water resource known as the Ogallala Aquifer.  The Ogallala took tens of thousands of year to accumulate.  In less than 100 years, farmers in dry areas of Kansas have nearly depleted it. They also contaminated it. The aquifer contains ever-increasing levels of poisons used in their farming practices. America is essentially trading what little remains of our fresh water reserves to feed confined animals used for the meat industry and for a costly gasoline replacement.  Ethanol would cost more than $10 per gallon were it not for taxpayer subsidies. It is also costly in terms of what it is doing to the Ogallala Aquifer.

Avoiding GMO by Opposing Abuse that Destroys the Ogallala Aquifer 

Unlike the animal feed dryers, Pines grows its high quality cereal grasses and alfalfa in appropriate regions.  That means, we grow our crops in glacial soils that receive plenty of natural rainfall.  Pines never uses irrigation to grow any of our grasses and alfalfa.  The worst irrigation offenders in the natural foods market is the green super food "family farm" that has used the Ogallala Aquifer for the past 70 years to grow pesticide-based animal feed.  That once-pristine fresh water resource sits under dry areas of Kansas, Colorado and other States.  Pines opposes the continued waste and abuse of that no-longer-plentiful resource.



Farmers Who Practice "Dual Farming" are Not Sincere

The NOP regulations allow agribusinesses to practice "dual farming". Dual farming is when a farmer grows both non-organic crops and organic crops.  Obviously, 100% organic farmers like Pines sincerely believe in organic agriculture while those who grow both kinds of crops do not. Sadly, Congress allowed this dual farming loophole when they set up the NOP in 1990.
In conclusion, avoiding GMO food means avoiding those foods that contain them and the farmers who grow them. We hope you will protect your health and the health of your family by avoiding GMO foods. Instead use products that are free of poison residue. Research companies to see what other kinds of products they produce.  Are they 100% organic or do they also sell GMO products? After getting off GMO, cleanse your body by following the recommendation of most doctors and nutritionists. One way to do that is to eat more dark green vegetables than any other food category and avoiding GMO foods.
Please also support 100% organic growers and reject dual farming practices.

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The Centers for Disease Control found that only one in ten people eat enough dark green veggies. The CDC found those who eat enough are less likely to contract disease common to modern culture.  No matter how many vegetables you eat, you probably need to eat more.  Please use our store finder to find a location near you.  There you can buy Pines' nutrient-dense products in oxygen-free, amber glass bottles. Please also feel free to order online.