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The athletes below testify to the athletic endurance, stamina and recovery they discovered with Pines green superfoods:

Hobie Call, Four Time Spartan Race World Champion says:

hobie right

“Thank you Pines International for your exceptional Wheat Grass. The health required to continually win races as brutal as these is great. I contribute mine more to your products than anything else I eat. I have used your Wheat Grass for many years, and intend too continue for many more.”

Hobie Record of Athletic Endurance is Phenomenal 

Hobie has used Pines during all his entire racing career. He has won more than 50 races. Hobie is the current world champion. He was also the world champion in 2011, 2013 and 2014. During his career as a Spartan athlete, Hobie won more than 80% of his races.


Dozens of Other Champion Athletes Depended on Pines

Successful athletes make Pines Wheat Grass an essential part of their training program for athletic endurance. They have included Kona Ironman World Champion, Greg Welch, and other winning triathletes such as Clark Campbell and Janine Daily. In addition, older athletes, including Bill Bell and Gypsy Boots, have promoted the use of Pines Wheat Grass as an essential part of their training program and as a source of blood building nutrients that provide the kind of stamina and endurance necessary to win races. Pines has sponsored many athletic events including the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.



Top performance athletes know if they are to win, they cannot take shortcuts on nutrition.  They choose Pines’ green superfoods because Pines does not take any shortcuts on growing, harvesting or packaging our products. 

Besides World Champions, All Athletes Depend on Pines

Although world champion athletes use Pines, some top performance athletes actually work for the company itself. Jason is the manager of the bottling department at Pines. Jason has run in more than a dozen marathones including the Pikes Peak Marathon last year. That was a grueling two-day event. Jason ran up Pikes Peak two days straight and also ran down on the second day.


Jason is in charge of packaging Pines’ green superfoods

Thousands of Miles Fueled by Pines Green Superfoods

In addition to the Pikes Peak event, Jason has run in numerous marathons in Kansas and elsewhere. He has logged several thousand miles in training.  Jason is one of many athletes worldwide who include Pines WheatGrass and other green superfoods from Pines in their diets. Besides protecting health for athletes and all others who use them, Pines green superfoods provide the nutrition needed for stamina and endurance.


Jason on a 50-mile competitive run

You Don’t Need to be An Athlete to Benefit from Greens 

Although top performers gain athletic endurance from Pines, most people use Pines because they know they need to eat more dark green, leafy vegetables to maintain health and protect from disease.

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Grown and harvested as we do, Pines Wheat Grass provides the the nutrition of dark-green veggies but in more concentration. As a result of the CDC studies, the USDA developed MyPlate. It shows that green vegetables should be our most important food.

Pines Wheat Grass is an easy way to increase your green nutrition. It costs much less per serving than equivalent veggies. A rounded teaspoon of powder in a smoothie contains the nutrition of a full serving of a veggies. Seven tablets also contain the nutrition of a serving of veggies such as kale or spinach. Because of our growing, harvesting and bottling standards, no other wheatgrass product is as nutrient dense as Pines. Pines Wheat Grass is a whole food. It is not a juice. Unlike juice Pines Wheat Grass is prebiotic and promotes probiotic bacteria to ensure colon health and full assimilation of nutrients.

Find Pines Products

The USDA says that 9 out of 10 people do not eat enough veggies.  Pines offer servings that are easy to consume and that cost considerably less per serving than other greens.  You can find Pines’ green superfoods at a store near you with our locator.  You can also use our online shopping cart.


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